User Agreement

1. 0 Cost Host is not responsible for the content of our member's websites. Our members may be held legally liable for their content and we reserve the right to remove any accounts we feel have violated this agreement.

2. 0 Cost Host does not allow any of the following material to be hosted:

a) Pornographic or Adult material.
b) Sites that exploit children, or anyone else, including racist, threatening, or offensive material.
c) Illegal files, or "warez", including, but not limited to, .wav, .zip, and .mp3 files, and links to such material.
d) Sites which violate copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other intellectual property infringement.
e) Sites which utilize unsolicited mail or newsgroup posting, also known as "Spam", to attract visitors.

3. Anyone found utilizing unsolicited email or newgroup postings to promote their site hosted by 0 Cost Host will have their account terminated immediately, without notice.

4. 0 Cost Host is not responsible for backing up or maintaining member's sites. Regular backups are recommended.

5. 0 Cost Host provides free space for hosting web pages and makes no implied or express warranties about the reliability of this space or related services. 0 Cost Host is not responsible for any deletion, alteration, or loss of data due to network or system outages, file corruption, accidental deletion, or any other reasons. 0 Cost Host makes no guarantees as to server reliability, speed, or consistency, and cannot be held liable for such.

6. 0 Cost Host reserves the right to amend or change these guidelines at any time without notice.