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NOTE: Customers who paid for a domain name registration must contact the free support email address provided when the name was registered .

If your support question is not answered on this page, please submit a support ticket by filling in your Account Name, Password, and your site's Category below.

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I have a domain name registered with 0CostHost and want to move to a new ISP. How do I do this?

Simply log in to your domain manager . Use the username and password your were given, or selected, at the time you registered your domain. Once logged in, go to "nameservers" and enter the nameservers for your new ISP. If you don't know your username and/or password for your domain manager, contact the free support email address provided when the name was registered.

Can I use my own FTP program to upload my website?

0 Cost Host provides all members with a web based file manager, which is used to upload files. FTP may be availalbe in the future, but not at present.

How do I run CGI scripts?

We don't allow access at this time to a cgi-bin. To get access to a variety of CGI scripts that don't need to be hosted at Above World (ie. they are hosted remotely by a third party), go to Or if you would like to have a site that gives unrestricted access to cgi-bin click here.

Do you provide secure web ordering (SSL)?

Not at present, but you can get a site that allows secure ordering by clicking here.

Why can't I upload any .wav, .zip, or .mp3 files to my website?

As stated in the user agreement, these files are not allowed on our system. These types of files are often used to distribute illegal software or material which violates copyright laws. If you would like to get a site which does allow these files to be uploaded, click here.

My website used Microsoft FrontPage Extensions. Why don't they work?

Due to the fact that Frontpage severely disrupts server security we can not support it at this time. If you save your pages as regular html pages and upload them they will work fine. If you do require Frontpage support, you can have your site hosted at this site.

I registered my domain name with you. How do I move it to a different ISP, or how do I modify my personal info?

To move or modify your domain, visit the domain manager. If you've forgotten your username and/or password, email the support email you were given at the time of registration and we will email you the information.